Fee Based Services

Business Succession Planning
A closely-held business is usually the owner’s greatest financial asset. The orderly and tax efficient disposition of a business asset, whether voluntary or involuntary, is an important part of any financial plan. A Buy-Sell Agreement must address and fund for multiple family and economic contingencies. Howell will review these agreements for funding requirements and offer professional advice as conditions change.

For professional consultation, contact Bryan Boyle.

Deferred Compensation Planning/Supplemental Executive Retirement Planning (SERP)
One of the most important forms of executive planning is Deferred Compensation. Designing and maintaining a Deferred Compensation Plan is complex, particularly due to compliance laws and government agency oversight which includes ERISA, Internal Revenue Code Section 409A, and Department of Labor and Social Security rules. Deferred Compensation plans are often informally funded with corporate assets, investments and/or corporate owned life insurance. Howell provides design and funding recommendations to corporations and executives that meet compliance requirements and plan objectives. Employment agreements and severance agreements should also be reviewed to determine if they are compliant under new government deferred compensation regulations.

For professional consultation, contact Bryan Boyle.

The aforementioned material is a product and service listing and is not intended to be an offer for the sale of securities.
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