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Retirement Planning
Financial independence is a goal for many business owners, professionals and active employees. A few achieve this goal early in their career, while others target age 65 or later. Currently, the Social Security Normal Retirement Age is age 67 for those born in or after 1960.  Aging boomers with increased life expectancy are causing a significant burden on the Social Security system.  It is almost a certainty that the federal government will increase the normal retirement age, reduce Social Security benefits, increase employee payroll taxes, or all three.  For most, relying on Social Security benefits will not be adequate for funding retirement needs.

Consequently, it is important to assume personal responsibility for creating wealth to attain financial independence at the desired age. Howell’ licensed and experienced financial planners assist clients in developing financial goals and guide them in determining whether or not their current level of savings and investments are sufficient to reach those goals. All viable solutions and recommendations are investigated to achieve those goals.  Client recommendations reflect factors such as taxation, inflation, hypothetical investment returns and life expectancy.

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Estate and Gift Tax Planning
Estate and gift tax planning often involve techniques that aim to eliminate or reduce transfer taxes. Estate planning also involves asset distribution considerations – transferring your assets to your heirs in the manner you so wish. This involves considerations of equity and various personal considerations as well as every family has unique circumstances. When contemplating asset distribution at death, it is important to keep in mind that various assets pass to survivors by different means such as pursuant to the beneficiary designation form, by operation of law, per the terms of your will, your trust, etc. Estate and gift tax planning also involves consideration of the impact of income taxes and possibly state inheritance taxes (depending on the state) that may apply to transfers of wealth. Howell assists clients by working with their independent tax and legal advisors in developing their estate plan and applying ideas and planning techniques that work to accomplish a client’s objectives.

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College Education Planning
One of the most significant expenses any family faces is college tuition and the related expenses that come along with it.  College expenses may not be contemplated immediately after the birth of a child and it is common for families to delay funding.  However, the fact is the longer the investment period, the easier it is for a family to adequately fund the obligation.  By investing early, parents have the opportunity to use compounding growth to assist them in reaching financial targets.  Howell specialists assist clients in developing college funding goals by exploring various means including 529 Plans, Uniform Transfers to Minors Accounts, Coverdell IRAs and other financial options.

For professional consultation, contact Bryan Boyle.

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